Sustainability Commitment

Integration and balance between business strategy, ESG culture, and execution -creating a resilient business model for continual growth in existing and new markets.

Sustainability Goal

To be a leader in sustainability through our actionable progress, transparency,
and disclosures.

Sustainability Mission

To be a leader in sustainability through our actionable progress, transparency,
and disclosures.

Our approach in the coming years is to continue to improve and strengthen our strategies with respect to climate, air & emissions, water, Indigenous Relations, land & biodiversity, and risk management. These areas are critical based on their significant impact to building a sustainable corporation and our ESG framework. These areas will be featured in every ESG report moving forward, and we will continue to disclose our progress on the goals and initiatives associated with them.

Guiding Principles
Provide a safe work environment for our people
Strong corporate, operational, and financial sustainability
Meet or exceed regulatory compliance
Value our people’s contributions and integral role in our success
Grow our sustainable culture through strong ESG stewardship
Continuous improvement
Develop initiatives to improve our efficiency and resiliency
Reduce our carbon footprint through new technologies
Improve our environmental performance while we reduce our environmental impacts
Build strong relationships with all our stakeholders, including Indigenous communities
Our Commitment


At Hammerhead, we are continuing to expand our disclosures to remain a leader in transparency and performance in the ESG reporting space.

At Hammerhead Resources, we believe that accountability, innovation, debate, and respect thrive in an environment of continuous improvement. This environment fosters safe, sustainable, long-term, risk-managed value creation, enabling us to move forward with our goal to safely, responsibly, and profitably produce oil and gas for the benefit of our investors, employees, external stakeholders, and communities

We continued to enhance our overall effectiveness by improving our organizational structure. In 2021, we established an Alternative Energy Team as well as a Supply Chain function. The Alternative Energy team was put in place to bring focus and dedication to our net zero commitment. We are confident in the team’s abilities, and we have put significant effort and resources into equipping the team to achieve this commitment in the most effective manner. It will continue to be an important facet of our future business model. Enhancing the in-house supply chain function helps us to manage risk, and support cost reduction initiatives and supply efficiencies while working closely with our suppliers. To round out the year, we established a dedicated Business Improvement team to engage with employees to support Hammerhead’s vision of being a top Montney producer. This team is also responsible for maintaining strong momentum of continuous improvement initiatives, promoting collaboration and communication, and ensuring that initiatives continue to align with the Company’s goals.

We expanded our reporting transparency by formalizing the processes required to align with the framework for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and we are continuing to work through formalizing our enterprise risk assessment, ensuring that ESG- and climate-related risks and opportunities are reflected accurately within it. As part of TCFD, we are aiming to complete a scenario analysis in early 2022 along with understanding our baseline scope 3 emissions to fully understand the potential impacts to our business going forward under different scenarios.

We have focused our planning and design for achieving net zero targets in an accelerated time frame. This planning will enable us to be on the leading edge of implementing an emissions reduction program that will coincide with a prudent commensurate capital allocation strategy. I continue to be very proud of our team, and the efforts we are making to ensure that future generations will benefit from our delivery of an enhanced and cleaner energy solution that contributes to a higher standard of living.

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