The size and scale of the Montney is significant relative to other resource plays

Hammerhead's corporate vision is to become one of the top five Montney producers

Focus Area

Montney Overview

Alberta’s liquids-rich Montney features some of North America’s highest return economics, with a balance of light oil and sweet gas production that offers torque to improvement in either commodity.

  • The Montney is a top quartile North American play
  • Multiple benches offer optionality and long runway
  • Predictable reservoir distribution provides extensive stacked lateral resource play

Hammerhead has a dominant position in the oil window.

Core Focus Areas

Hammerhead Assets

Gold Creek – Comprises ~73% of corporate production weighted ~34% to liquids
Karr & South Karr – Comprises ~27% of corporate production weighted ~52% to liquids

Hammerhead has the size, scale and capital discipline to profitably grow to the next level.

Gold Creek

  • 2021 exit production ~21,800 boe/d (34% liquids)
  • 12 gross (12 net) wells planned on-stream in 2021
  • Core area development generates significant free cash flow

Karr & South Karr

  • 2021 exit production ~8,200 boe/d (52% liquids)
  • 4 gross (2.85 net) wells planned on-stream in 2021
  • Core area with extensive inventory and significant room for growth through existing facilities
  • Proven highly economic and provides significant future development upside
2021 Exit Production


boe/d (40% liquids)




Hammerhead’s Alternative Energy Division is constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance results and contribute to a cleaner tomorrow.

This internal team reviews “new” forms of energy and new technologies that can reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining a competitive cost structure. As we increase production, we are finding ways to become more efficient with our operations and energy use, including starting to plan alternative power projects that can power our asset base.

Longer-term, we intend to direct free cash flow to further clean energy projects.

Your Safety

Field Orientation

Hammerhead has implemented an online orientation that is required to be completed prior to arriving on any of our locations.

Follow the below steps to sign in and complete the orientation.

Create Your WorkHub Account

  • Enter your First and Last Name, and your email address
  • Choose “Orientation” as the Account Type
  • Enter your company name
  • Select the Orientation(s) you require
  • Enter your position and phone number
  • Create a password

Completing Orientation Modules

  • Sign in to your WorkHub account
  • Choose the Orientation module to load the orientation(s) you had selected
  • Click on the View Orientation button for the Orientation you wish to begin
  • After viewing the orientation, click on the Take Quiz button
  • After completing the orientation quiz, download your Orientation Card
  • Print out the Orientation Wallet Card and bring it with you to a HammerHead Resources jobsite.

Once the online orientation has been completed, retain the orientation completion certificate with your safety tickets.

HHR requires at a minimum on all of its locations, an HHR Orientation Certificate, H²S Alive, First Aid, WHMIS, and TDG. Additional certification relevant to your scope of work such as Fall Protection, Aerial Work Platform, Confined Space, and Ground Disturbance may be required. Please ensure to have these certifications readily available at all times.

As all HHR locations require the use of secondary roadways, it is a requirement and for all contractors to review, understand, and follow the rules outlined within our road use agreements. Completion of the HHR online orientation carries with it an acceptance of these road use agreement documents.


Covid-19 Protocols

Please have each person visiting a HHR site to complete our screening form and send to their HHR contact and

Hammerhead’s highest priority is the health and safety of our personnel including our employees and contractors and the communities we operate in. Nothing is more important to us than to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

As part of our approach, we are immediately implementing the following measures for contractors, vendors and service providers who attend Hammerhead locations:

  • Restrict any of your contractors or staff exhibiting signs of illness, regardless of the symptoms, from attending Hammerhead worksites.
  • Restrict any of your contractors or staff from attending Hammerhead’s worksites who answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions on our COVID-19 Return to Work Screening Form.
  • Implement social distancing – Maintain a 2-meter distance from other individuals.
  • Adhere to personal workspace cleaning measures and exhibit good hygiene – frequent handwashing, use of hand sanitizers, etc.
  • Rescheduling all face-to-face meetings and cancelling group events, gatherings, and conference attendance.

Hammerhead reserves the right to restrict access to our locations if it suspects that any contractor or individual is not complying with these safety measures. All company supervisors are hereby required to discuss the above measures with your various workforces, along with the following safety message to reduce distractions: keep your minds on your task and implement these safe practices in both your work and personal lives. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate your Hammerhead contact.

Thank you for your cooperation and behalf of Hammerhead we wish each of you and your families good health in this difficult time.

Hammerhead Resources

Hammerhead is a growth-oriented private company based in Calgary, Alberta with production and development focused in the multi-zone, Montney light oil window.

Better Every Day.

Contact Information

525 8th Avenue SW (Suite 2700)
Calgary, Alberta T2P 1G1 Canada

Tel. +1 (855) 930-0560

24 Hour Emergency Response:
+1 (877) 431-5716

Whistleblower Hotline:
+1 (888) 280-0502